Okay, granted I am new to this whole blogging thing.

I had all these ideas about starting my blog out with a detailed biopic of myself and all of a sudden there was all this (admittedly self-created) pressure to write a mini-novel. I was sitting here reading one of my favorite blogs and I realized I had all these ideas I wanted to write about and I kept holding off because first I HAD TO FINISH THAT FIRST POST.

Then I thought…

Um. Wait a minute, isn’t this supposed to be MY blog? And it’s not like I’m expecting anyone to read the damn thing anyway, I just want a space to get out all the completely random and sometimes funny (to me at least) things that pop up in my overcrowded head. So who cares if it doesn’t have my full back story? I figure all the pertinent pieces will come spilling out mixed in with the other stuff. So I’ll give you the real basics just to get started…

  1. I live in Vermont- DUH… I moved here about 5 years ago from Florida and I never looked back. I LOVE it here. It’s quiet, safe and gorgeous and it’s a good place to raise my kid(s).
  2. I’m a mom… again DUH (see #1). I have an almost 12-year-old daughter who will be referred to as Princess Punk (PP) in this blog just because I heard somewhere that giving out your kids names online is a bad idea. PP is funny, smart, athletic and Type 1 Diabetic. I mention this because it is likely to come up again, it’s something we struggle with on a daily basis. Oh yeah, and at the age of 12(almost) she has long legs, budding boobs and an ass that makes me jealous. God help us all…
  3. I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant with my second. In-utero baby will be referred to as Moose and as far as the ultrasound says, this one is of the female persuasion as well. More boobs! Yay.
  4. I am married to the man who was made for me. I imagine he’s not perfect for everyone, he has his faults but the amazing thing is he puts up with mine and HE STILL LOVES ME! We’re still newlyweds, only been married a year so we’re still in that sweet phase but he is incredibly patient with my insanity and knows when to vacate when I get my “B” on. He IS the Zen Master. Plus, even though PP isn’t biologically his, he is her dad, plain and simple. The only reason why we occasionally have to add in the “step” part is because… well, PP’s bio dad (hereafter referred to as sperm donor) is black and Zen Master is VERY white and sometimes we get the weird looks but screw them all anyway! Heh.
  5. I’m the only child of a workaholic dad and a bipolar mom. Nuff Said there, I’m sure it’ll come up again. Oh and don’t think I don’t love my parents, they’re great, just thought I’d put that out there.
  6. I had weight loss surgery (Duodenal Switch, look it up) about 3 years ago. I went from my highest weight of 380 to a low of 145. I packed on a few lbs during fertility treatments in the past year and now I’m pregnant, but I’m still doing good and will likely not have too much trouble losing weight once I have the baby.
  7. Finally… I’m crazy. Not super-duper crazy, but I do have bipolar disorder and PTSD and ADHD… Woo. I take medication and I work full-time and I am a functioning member of society but I’ve got a quick temper, I am easily distracted and sometimes I crumble under stress. So basically, just your average mom.

So anyway. Let’s get this blog REALLY going! Yay! I’m actually kinda excited about this… but now I don’t know what to write about. Crap.


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