Why Tuesdays are bad mmmkay?

Tuesdays have become my least favorite day of the week.

I work Monday through Friday and if I’m lucky can smoosh my work hours from the usual 8-4:30 to 6:30 to 3. This work schedule makes life slightly easier when you have a husband who works early mornings and a kid who has activities pretty much sunup to sundown.

Tuesdays are a little bit more tricky since the Zen Master is off work (his ONLY day off) and I have therapy at 4pm. Princess Punk has additionally started therapy due to a difficult period last school year when she decided that she didn’t really want to have diabetes anymore (and really, can you blame her? It sucks.) and decided to show her distaste for her disease by stealing food and then eventually her classmates stuff. Woo. Her therapy appointment is naturally also on Tuesday and is at the fantabulous time of 2:30 in the afternoon. This was the only time available and given the shortage of decent child therapists in rural Vermont, we take what we can get. Besides, Mag is great with PP and actually gets the somewhat complex issues going on in her life right now and can get her to actually TALK. So we deal with the inconvenience. Anyway, it is currently also Soccer season and this year PP is in 6th grade which means she gets to join the school team instead of the town team. This is awesome because the school team provides uniforms, transports her to away games (which here could be several hours away) and it is FREE. Drawback to school team is that instead of practices on Wednesdays and games on Saturdays only, she has either practice or a game EVERY. DAY. Okay, not Sunday but I don’t count Sundays anyway.

So back to Tuesdays clusterfark…

Let me preface this by saying the Zen Master is AWEsome… But… He has really only been in “Dad” mode for the past year and a half. So he still has a lot to learn about keeping schedules and making sure PP remembers all her crap and NO, it’s NOT okay to bring leftover pizza for lunch. So Tuesday morning, I still have to wake up the Princess, remind her to test her blood sugar, remind her to shower because oh yeah, she forgot to shower after soccer practice last night, tell her what she is allowed to have for breakfast and pack for lunch and make sure she remembers to take all her soccer gear with her. Oh wait, it’s picture day? Where are my checks? Crap. Ask your dad to write a check for pictures. How am I supposed to know who to make it out to, YOU have the form. I know that you have the form because I have never seen it otherwise I’d know that TODAY WAS PICTURE DAY.  ~sigh~ Then my entire drive to work is peppered with alternate texts from PP and ZM regarding breakfast choices, lunch debates and wardrobe decisions. I am inevitably late to work on Tuesday but at this point I am so beyond caring it’s kinda sad. At some point during the morning I have to call my mom and remind her that PP has an appointment at 2:30 so she will need to be picked up at 2 then dropped back off at school as soon as she is done for soccer. If mom is having a “bad day” then I have to make alternate arrangements with ZM which ultimately makes me feel guilty for bugging him on his only day off when I know he already has a ton of stuff to do. If all goes well, I’m home by 5:30, in time to cook dinner, make sure PP does her homework and chores and sit down and breathe for 5 minutes. If it doesn’t then it’s $.49 cheeseburger night at McDonalds and pickles count as vegetables right?

The only good thing about Tuesdays is the fact that 90% of the time I come home to a relatively clean house since although it is his only day off, the Zen Master spends the day doing laundry and cleaning and lately has even been clearing clutter to make room for the impending Moose. Did I mention how awesome he is? Just sayin…

Okay, 9:20 AM now… time to bite the bullet and call mom to make sure she remembers about PP’s appointment… Wish me luck!


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  1. coffeepoweredmom
    Jun 17, 2012 @ 20:00:47

    What’s an impending Moose?
    And that sucks. I feel bad for you 😦


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