When did I become a Grown-Up?

It’s 6:43am and I’ve been wide awake for 20 minutes. Moose didn’t wake me up. Princess Punk is still sound asleep. The Zen Master left for work almost an hour ago. So why am I awake? I have an unbelievably precious and elusive opportunity that most moms dream about… Or they would if they were ever allowed to sleep late…
I used to be able to sleep all day. Even when Princess Punk was little and never slept more than a few hours at a time I would set her on my bed with the tv on while I dozed. I know, Mom of The Year, right? I used to stay up all night and sleep all day and call off from work if I sneezed. When did I become responsible? I wake up every weekday at 4:30am and get ready for work, get the Princess up and ready and drop her off at my mom’s house by 5:45. I drive 30-40 minutes to work where I bust my not-so-skinny ass. I must do good work there because I’ve been there 4 years and I’ve been promoted 3 times and will likely be promoted again come November. This is rather fast track. After work I drive the 30-40 minutes home, make sure the Princess does her homework, gets to and from various sports activities and has a snack. Dinner is on the table at 6:30pm and (okay I admit, less often lately) we sit down and eat dinner as a family. I remember a time when the Princess and I didn’t even have a table and ate dinner off of our laps on the couch while watching TV. We do not allow TV or cell phones or books during dinner time, just the three(four soon) of us and actual conversation. After dinner we head our separate ways, Princess Punk to the TV, the Zen Master to his computer and me to my bedroom with my Netflix. Bedtime is 8pm. For EVERYONE. Princess Punk is allowed to read in bed until 9, Zen Master is usually out cold by 8:30 followed closely by me.
I. Have. A. Schedule.
How in the name of all things holy did that happen?
And the weekends, while slightly looser usually have plenty packed in as well. The last few weeks months ~sigh~ I’ve been a bit less “Responsible Grown-Up Lady” and more “Whiney, Lazy, Pregnant Lady.” The Princess is pretty responsible herself, due in large part to my ultimate suck the first 6 years or so of her life. She could make herself a pbj sandwich or a bowl of cereal with minimal mess by the age of four, a fact which I am proud of and utterly ashamed of at the same time. So lately she has been helping me with housework and the stuff I usually do on the weekends. But even though I don’t HAVE to, I still wake up by 6:30, cook breakfast and get the house moving.
So when did this happen?
I don’t remember any epiphany, any cataclysmic change, no bolt of lightening or voice from the heavens telling me to Man-Up and take responsibility for my life. I just realized one saturday morning that my husband was at work, my child was still sleeping, it was 8am and I was cooking eggs, pancakes and sausage after having planned meals for the week, clipped coupons and made up a thrifty grocery list. Holy schmidt, I grew up!
Then the Princess woke up and tripped over the dog and I called her a retard and we both laughed till we snorted.
Ah well, never said I was perfect.


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