‘Tis the season… Already!

I think every family has that date. The day when all hell breaks loose and you realize that the holidays are coming and you are woefully unprepared. Living in Vermont you add the impending 4-5 months of winter and this time of year is downright scary… I have noticed that most parents start feeling it around Halloween, described vividly in this post from one of my favorite blogs.

For our family the insanity comes a little bit earlier. Partly because we have a specific date in Autumn that brings on the anxiety (namely Princess Punk’s birthday, October 1st) and partly because even after living in Northern Vermont for 5 years, I find myself consistently amazed by just how much prep goes into getting ready for winter around here. Not to mention winter here starts as early as October and often lasts well into March.

Let me say first that I LOVE the fall here. Unfortunately it only lasts about 2-3 weeks before the dreary “Brown” season that generally precedes the snow by about a month.

Seriously, how could you NOT love this?

With the fall come the leaf peepers so the Zen Master is crazy busy at work with literally busloads of tourists coming in every day to see the amazing artwork the Mother Nature has put on display across our beautiful mountains. The weather is supremely erratic, like bipolar, pregnant, PMS and crazy homeless person all rolled into one erratic. Tuesday we had a high of 82 degrees, tomorrow we’ll be lucky if we hit 55. So clothing is an issue. it’s too early to pack up the summer clothes (82 degrees) but colder days (like tomorrow) call for me lugging out the big blue storage containers that have the cold weather stuff in them. This time of year Princess Punk’s room looks like LL Bean puked in there. Add to that the dog shedding his summer coat to make way for his nice fluffy winter coat and my house is generally a disaster. Did I mention our dog is a shepherd/collie mix? LOTS of hair. By the end of next week I can guarantee there will be enough dog hair in my house to make another whole dog. I wonder if there’s a hair club for dogs? We could make a fortune if we could sell that stuff… I digress.

Then comes Halloween which then ramps up to Thanksgiving and culminates in the giant crazy mess that is Christmas and New Years. Oh, and this year we have the added bonus of the birth of our second child a few weeks after that… Good times.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this time of year. I tend to thrive a bit on chaos and I’m even a little excited that between tomorrow and the end of January I will have little to no down time.

So tomorrow we’ll celebrate the Princess’s birthday and then on Sunday I’ll break out the blue boxes (not the little kind that have fancy expensive stuff in them sadly) and start sorting, weather-proofing, storing, soup-making, shopping, decorating, getting the nursery ready, raking, brushing, vacuuming, vacuuming again, cleaning, saving for fuel, checking the furnace, vacuuming again, getting the car inspected and various other stuff. Did I mention vacuuming?

Let’s GO!


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