Happy Birthday Princess Punk!

Princess Punk turned 12 today. I have to say I was a bit apprehensive about her little get together today given last week’s total DRAMA but all in all I think she had a pretty damn awesome birthday.
I made her chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and she got her new cell phone. Let me just say I am not thrilled with the idea of giving a pre-teen a cell phone but given the D-monster, it has become a necessity.
Anyways, my mother, the Zen Master, my friend and I took the Princess along with 3 of her GUY friends to Pizza Putt where the kids spent most of the day playing video games, laser tag and mini golf a well as scarfing down mass amounts of pizza, soda, wings and cake. They had a blast. All four of them. And guess what happens when Princess Punk hangs out with boys instead of girls???
Nothing. No drama, no fighting, no tears, no petty bullshit, no whining. Given the fact that I was in the midst of a hundred or so kids ranging in age from 1-14, I was pretty damn euphoric.
The boys were sweet, polite and rambunctious and slightly smelly (I swear one of them had a foot odor so bad I’m going to have to burn incense to make my living room palatable again… “No honey, please, leave your shoes ON, I don’t mind the mud on my couch… Really.“) They treated her like one of the gang and while there were a few minutes in the car of “who likes who,” for thr most part they didn’t even notice she was a girl. That made ME feel a lot better, especially since PP was wearing her “skinny jeans” and looked like she was turning 16 instead of 12… At one point while crammed in between two of the boys in the back seat of the car, Princess Punk heard a song on the radio she liked and started a Shakira wiggle to the music… Boy on the left announced loudly, “Aaack! What are you DOING? Cut that out it’s WEIRD!” I almost had to pull over I was laughing so hard.
And here’s the thing that I noticed about the Princess… She was HER. She was unreserved and playful and self-confident and not placating and kissing ass like she does with the girls because she knew the boys liked her. She wasn’t trying to impress any of them or be someone that she’s not, she was her own, wonderful, goofy, funny self and they liked her. They really enjoyed hanging out with her and because she’s not a girly-girl, she kept up with them and even kicked their asses at lazer tag.
After the major bs she has ben through with the girls at her school, it was a downright joy to see her laughing and teasing and playing and really just getting lost in the experience of being a kid. She has missed that a lot lately.
On the way home one of the boys referred to the Princess as “The cool girl. You know, the one who the guys like to hang out with.”
Bless him…
It’s about damn time somebody outside of her family noticed.
Oh, and then just to top off the awesomest birthday ever, after we dropped the boys off home we had sushi for dinner.
Princess Punk went to bed early with a huge grin on her face.


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