A Second Open Letter to my Unborn Child

Okay… So I was on my “Birth Club” BBS and someone posted a “Dear Baby” letter which made me realize that while I have written a letter to my little Moose, it was mostly complainy and not at all something that you look back on years from now and go, “See how much Mommy loved you even before you were born?”

Not that I’m really that kind of person anyway, I routinely tease my older child and I’m just not the sweet and nurturing mommy type. But I DO love my kids and I DO think it’s important that I put this out there, for the record at least.

Dear Moose,

I want to say first that you are loved. You are an amazing special gift and I can’t wait to see you in person.

Your Daddy and I are very much in love with each other and after we got married, we decided that we wanted to create something new and extraordinary that would embody that love. Your sister is amazing herself and even though your Daddy isn’t related to her by blood, she is a part of him and he is a part of her. With you though, we started from scratch. We decided to grow our family and make a brand new person to share with the world and we got YOU.

We have struggled to get here and will face more struggles in the coming years but it will all be worth it because my little Moose, you will be with us.

We wish the best in life for you. We know from experience with your sister that while sometimes things happen along the way that make life hard and make you want to cry and give up but know that no matter what comes along in your life, you have a Mom, a Dad, a big Sister, 4 slightly crazy grandparents, an Aunt and 3 cousins who already love you so much it hurts and we will always be there for you.

I want you to know that I know you already. I know it seems silly since you haven’t even taken your first breath yet but I know that you will be smart and strong like your sister and patient and caring like your Daddy and sharp-tongued and silly like me.

I can’t wait to meet you. You are already so amazing. I hope that I can manage to be even half as amazing for you.

Love you forever,



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