That damn wagon…

So apparently I briefly fell off the blogging wagon. Not that I’m really regular about this thing anyway, I am still a newbie at this after all.

Things have been… Eh.

Pregnancy complications, money worries, work, yada, yada, yada and yada.

Plus I’ve just not been feeling super witty. I realize that some people are actually reading this and I feel some obligation to be somewhat interesting and my life this past week had been… Not. Things have definitely happened, I spent 4 hours in the Labor and Delivery part of the hospital on Wednesday. FanTAStic. I’ve been very tired (what else is new right?) and I’m actually falling behind at work which is VERY unlike me.

So no blogging this week. And this post is basically just a sorry excuse for a post but I figured I should at least explain myself. I realize there are probably about 6 people who actually read this and 4 of them are in my immediate family but I also feel like if I can’t summon the energy to put out something interesting and possibly even entertaining, I’m not really going to bother.


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