The miracles of modern medicine… Sorta.

So I actually had a somewhat productive day today. I did my job at work and even (gasp) made a phone call. How did I manage this incredible feat given the complete apathy I’ve had for everything lately?
Now don’t start thinking I’m one of those soccer mom crack heads, I have a legitimate diagnosis of ADHD and a prescription. The Ritalin wonder drug is one of medications I have cut back on significantly because of the Moose. As psychotropic medications go, Ritalin happens to be one of the more benign ones, mostly because unlike many anti-depressants and mood stabilizers, it doesn’t build up in your system and flushes out completely in a few hours. Ok. That sounded kinda gross… Anyway. I had to cut out my Ritalin because one of the possible side effects is appetite loss. Of course this did not affect me at ALL when it might have been useful, like BEFORE I got pregnant. Apparently when you get pregnant your body chemistry changes and you react to medications differently. As a result, when I take Ritalin when I’m pregnant I. Lose. Weight. AWESOME.
So I haven’t been taking it.
I took one this morning. Normal dosage is three times a day. I can’t say that it completely made everything better. I still struggled with The Tired all day, but I was able to get a few key things done at work including one (yes just one, it’s not crack ok?) phone call. And I was actually somewhat Participatory Mom with Princess Punk when I got home.
And now I’m sitting and watching 24 and even feeling… Well, it’s not nothing so I guess that’s an improvement ri- OHMIGOD JACK BAUER JUST TORE THAT GUY’S THROAT OUT… WITH HIS TEETH… Ok… Thats a little too hardcore, even for you Jack. Gross. Oh hey! It’s Dr. Bashir…
Ah random Star Trek DS9 reference… It might be time to go to bed.

I’m glad I was able to get something done today but unfortunately this was a brief hiatus. I also ate almost nothing today. At one-third my regular dose. Not good for my growing spawn.
imageThe one thing I took away from today though… There is hope. The modicum of relief I got today from the slight adjustment in my brain chemistry helped me remember that when I AM taking all the medications I need to correct my screwed up and confused neurons, I’m actually okay.
And just that simple thought makes me feel better.


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