I pretty much spent the last 10 days in bed. I think that my tolerance for life meter broke and I basically just said “F*** it.” To be fair I was actually advised to take some time off (after a complete farking breakdown in the provider’s office).  I went to work last Monday for about 3 hours and did ABOSOLUTELY NOTHING and decided since I had a doctor’s appointment later that afternoon, I might as well just leave. Tuesday I drove all the way to work (30 minute drive, remember?) sat in the parking lot for 10 minutes and called in. From. The. Parking. Lot. ~sigh~

You should see me trying to get up off the couch…

I am not dealing with stress very well lately and my appointment on Monday wasn’t the most joyous in the world. Moose is doing okay but I have failed utterly to gain weight AGAIN and now I have to have an ultrasound every time I go in so the can make sure she is actually growing in there. Which honestly amazes the crap out of me because my preggo belly just seems to be getting more and more massive. I look like a goddamn weeble-wobble. Thanks to my weight loss surgery my malabsorption seems to be in overdrive at the moment and although I’m eating about 3-4 thousand calories a day (No joke or exaggeration, I counted), I don’t seem to be retaining enough nutrients to feed both myself and my growing little parasite. I may stop calling her Moose and dub her “Tapeworm” instead. Nevermind, that’s disgusting.

Anyways… Apparently part of the reason behind The Tired is the fact that I’m just not getting enough fuel for my body so I’m basically in starvation mode. Not a good thing when you’re pregnant. Add to that the ongoing oppressive depression and I was pretty much non-functional last week. I was actually praying for physician-ordered bedrest.

Honestly I’m not feeling particularly functional now but I managed to make it through the whole day at work and I only cried once.

You know, as excited as I am to have another lil munchkin, I’m pretty much over the whole pregnancy thing.

Let me stop whining before I jinx it and go into premature labor.


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