An update re: depression

I just read this;

And cried a little bit. I completely get that, specifically the self-hatred that comes from the self-pity which seems so ridiculously unjustified when there are so many people in the world who have so many more problems than me and my whiny little bullshit. This is (one of) the reason(s) why I haven’t posted much lately. I feel like a complete asshole whining about my comfortable middle-class life. Yes, I have some problems which have been kinda screwing with me lately but honestly? I have some health issues but I’m not dying. I’m having an uncomfortable pregnancy but I AM pregnant and my baby is (although a bit small at the moment) healthy. My older daughter has a chronic health condition and some social issues but she is overall a pretty healthy kid and is doing fairly well in school. My husband is tired but employed and still manages to tell me how beautiful I am at 5am on a Tuesday. We’re struggling with finances but we own a home and are able to pay our mortgage on time every month.

So yeah. I get it. I hate sitting here feeling sorry for myself and whining and bitching about my sightly less than perfect life when there are people a few towns south of me who’s houses and land were WASHED AWAY in one day of crappy weather. Literally. the homes and all the land underneath it were washed away. They are actually going to have to re-map the state because some of the rivers have actually substantially changed their course. I heard an interview with a woman on the radio who said “The insurance company wants to help us but there’s nothing they can do. The river basically eminent domained my farm.”

That house is now IN the river. No shit.

Not to mention all the other people in this area, this country and the rest of the goddamn world who are having to face SO many more serious issues than me and my pathetic little problems.

And now I’m pissed off at myself and bitching about bitching. THIS IS WHY I’M NOT POSTING MUCH RIGHT NOW.

Wow. That was REALLY gross.   So, if you notice I’m not posting for a little while it’s because I’m sick of feeling like a overprivaledged, pseudo-suffering, spoiled, self-serving Whiney Whinerstine.


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