Our first “birthing class” is tonight

Okay… I put “birthing class” in quotes because it just sounds weird. Like the class is going to be a bunch of barefoot women out in the fields being shown how to birth their babies and then finish sowing the row they’re in.


I’m so excited!!! God help me, I think I am starting to become one of those squealy, girly preggos that is obsessed with all things baby. Can I chalk that up to hormones? Please? Cuz it is totally embarassing.

I know that I’ve totally been there done that with the whole labor and delivery thing and I should really be dreading it more than anything else but here’s the thing… Everything is different this time. When I had Princess Punk,  I was well over 300lbs, 20 years old, single, unemployed, in school full time, unmedicated, living with my mom and broke. This time, the pregnancy was planned, I started at a healthy weight, I’m happily married, medicated (somewhat), have a career and my own home and an actual clue about what I’m getting into.

This is tame compared to actual reality…

Labor with the Princess sucked. Big time. Because of my extreme heavyness combined with sedentary lifestyle and PCOS, I never actually went into labor on my own. I was induced 3 days after my due date because the docs were concerned that PP was too big and I wouldn’t actually be able to get her out if she cooked much longer. I do NOT want to get into all the gory details but to sum up- it was a 42 hour horror show. Not fun.

So I am looking forward to this birth. I am looking forward to experiencing my body actually knowing what it is supposed to do this time, to having my husband and my mom in the room with me, to seeing the Zen Master’s face when he gets to hold Moose for the very first time, to being present in my own body and discovering how different it is bringing another life into this world now that my own life has changed so much.


Dammit. I did NOT just squeal. I SWEAR.


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