So, yesterday was SUPERfun…

I had an exciting day yesterday…
I ate breakfast at about 830 and by about 10, I was sitting in my office clutching my stomach and weeping. The next hour or so gets kinda fuzzy, but I recall my friend walking me to the bathroom, vomiting extensively and being ushered back to my office where I lay on the floor clutching my stomach and shaking rather violently. I vaguely remember a coworker talking to my mom on the phone and saying, “I think she really is unable to make the decision herself, so we’re going to make the decision for her and go ahead and call the ambulance.”
Various bustling ensued, at least 2 of the doctors that I work with were kneeling next to me on the floor checking various things and asking me questions that I may have answered in English, but honestly I could’ve been speaking Klingon because I really can’t recall.
More bustling… Now I’m on a gurney being maneuvered into an ambulance, more questions, more answers. I must have been speaking English this time because I ended up at the right hospital and the EMTs seemed to be able to give the docs a fairly complete history.
I do remember on the way there, the EMT giving me a tube of some really disgusting glucose gel and telling me by blood sugar was 52. (bad, remember?)
After the sugar goo, I was a little more lucent and a little less shaky. They sent me straight to labor and delivery since apparently the pain I had been having in the ambulance seemed to be cresting at 3-5 minute intervals.
I was not in labor.
I was however in the worst pain I think I’ve ever experienced. My mother, who got to witness me writhing and rocking in the hospital bed confessed to me that I appeared to be in worse pain than when I was in labor with Princess Punk… Which lasted 42 hours… And is the standard by which I judge all other pain in my life.
And what happened you ask?
It went away.
They couldn’t figure out what happened but they think it might have been a bowel obstruction that just kinda fixed itself.
So today, I’m resting. Hydrating and resting.
And praying that whatever the hell it was that went wrong with my body doesn’t happen again. EVER.


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