Top 10 things I am thankful for

Since I’ve been feeling so utterly crappy lately and since the stores are already selling Christmas and seem to have bypassed Thanksgiving completely (I miss those turkey window displays dammit!), I thought I might write a post on the top 10 things in my life that I am grateful for. These are in no particular order so nobody get pissy ok?

  1. Princess Punk’s inevitable kind heart and good mood- For a 12 year old with blood sugar and hormones totally screwing with her all the time, I am constantly amazed at what a tolerant, sweet and empathetic kid she is. Of course she has her selfish moments (look at her role model, it’s in her damn genes), but she never neglects to ask me how MY day was, even if I totally forget to ask about hers. She never goes to bed without her tuck in and she is always affectionate and loving, even in front of her ~gasp~ friends.
  2. The Zen Master’s ever-patient and ever-loving devotion to me and PP- I swear that man was Buddha in another life. He is always there for me with a hug and an “I love you,” just when I need it the most. And even after several years, it still completely blows my mind how much in love he is with Princess Punk as well. When I was in my “dating” phase, I NEVER thought I would find a partner who would love my daughter as much as I do. It’s not like I had decent “daddy” experience with my kiddo given the Sperm Donor’s complete lack of interest to the point of actual cruelty. So when The Zen Master calls when he is working the dinner shift and is genuinely disappointed that The Princess has already gone to bed and he has missed her tuck-in, it makes my heart ache with how much I totally love this man.
  3. A stable job that I (usually) enjoy and I’m actually good at- In the current economic situation in the country, I understand how blessed I am to be employed, full-time, in a job with decent pay and actual health insurance. In addition to that, when I’m not feeling completely like schmidt, I really do love my job and I know there are not too many people who can honestly say that without a hint of sarcasm. Not only do I love what I do, I love the people I work with. We are a small office and people actually care about each other here. When I had my “incident” on Friday, people here were (and still are) concerned about my well-being as an actual person instead of just being concerned about when I’d be getting back to my caseload.
  4. Caring parents that continue to support me even though I’m in my 30’s- Support is mostly from an emotional standpoint, but I have to say that we have totally been screwed the past few months in a financial black hole and even though they have problems of their own, they don’t hesitate to help us out when we need it, minimal complaints, no questions asked.
  5. My gay dog- Seriously, he is a total fairy and I adore him.

    Doesn’t he just make you wanna say “Awwwww?”

    He’s a shepherd-collie mix, humane society rescue. He is 3 or 4 years old and completely ADHD. He is also one of the best dog’s I have ever owned. He’s affectionate, well-behaved, smart and since we got him several years ago he has had a total of 3 accidents in the house and they were ALL because he was extremely ill. He snuggles with me when it’s cold and is always incredibly happy to see me which is just the kind of ego boost I need after a truly craptastic day.

  6. Living here- It’s been 5 years now and my entire life has turned around since we got here. We came from a gross and unsafe apartment in Tampa where a homeless lady camped on our doorstep for 2 weeks and the upstairs neighbor got shot when their apartment was broken into and it took me between 30-50 minutes to get to my job LESS THAN 6 MILES FROM OUR RESIDENCE and we paid $850 per month for a tiny 1 bedroom where Princess Punk had to sleep in the living room and the electric bill was $150/month or more because you have to run the AC 365 days a year, because even if it’s only 60 degrees outside, you still have to keep it dry or you’ll get mold in your walls within a month. Oh, yeah and I made about 20% less per year than I do for a comparable job. Here I feel safe, I am close to my family, I live in a small community where people actually care about each other and my daughter(s) will graduate with most of the same kids they went to 1st grade with. Everything is better here and I am NEVER going back to the festering cesspool that is Florida. (No offense if you live there or are from there or something but it really sucked for us)

    Did I mention the weather?

Wow… this is coming out lengthier than I thought… I think I’ll continue with part 2 tomorrow.


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