Top 10, part 2

It’s been an absolutely sucktastic day, I think I need some perspective so here are 7-10 of the things in my life I’m thankful for right now.


Hmm… Maybe I should re-think the whole “Bieber is gay” thing

Netflix- Ok, I know that seems kinda trivial, but I am really grateful to be able to get home, hig my hubby and kid and snuggle into bed with my dog, some comfort food and multiple choices of watchable TV programs on Netflix. It truly helps me remain sane and I love that I can watch 24 or Law and Order or Star Trek without any commercials or using up space on the DVR (which has been recently taken over by Disney’s prostitot squad, thank you ever so much Princess Punk).

8. Repeatedly getting kicked in the taco/kidney/stomach/pancreas/(insert abdominal organ here) by the Moose. While it occasionally causes nausea or the sudden and urgen need to pee, I love feeling my happy little parasite wiggling around in there. It makes me happy knowing that I am growing this teeny little person and that even though I am going through hell right now, it’s temporary and I will have a beautiful little baby girl when it’s all over.

9. My sense of humor. Even though I am exhausted, struggling with depression and multiple physical problems right now, I have still managed to (most of the time) retain my sarcastic, quirky and somewhat perverted sense of humor. I appreciate that even when I’m completely feeling like schmidt I am able to giggle at my kid acting like a total dork or my husband being as perverted as a 13 year old boy. I appreciate being able to make a snappy comeback to a friend even when I’m tired and would rather be in bed than talking to anyone at all.

10. Crazy Girl- Mybest friend here in VT who comes over to see me even when I’m being a total whiny B, who sits and listens to my crap and loves me anyway, who I can always depend on NO MATTER WHAT, who brings me a glass of wine even though the Zen Master disapproves, who is throwing me an awesome baby shower in a Villa at the Trapp Family Lodge (yes that’s right, “The Sound of Music” Von Trapps), who lets me vent about my own shit and will only vent about her own when she knows I am able to deal with it. She has been a godsend during this pregnancy and is always there when I need her and even when I don’t. LOVE HER!

So, even though lately I’ve been feeling like the entire world is out to get me and I must’ve been a serial killer in a previous life because my karma is trying to kill me, I have a lot of good things going for me. Even though I’m going through some majorly f***ed up crap right now, I have a home, a decent life and family and friends who love and support me and a new baby who will be here pretty soon.



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