Childbirth Class number 2 tonight!

Second childbirth class is tonight. I think I am just going to refuse to call it “birthing” class, I cannot get over how weirdly archaic that sounds.

Last week’s class was pretty good, the instructor is nice and actually interesting and there are 8 other couples in class with us, including Crazy Girl’s sister who has a due date 4 days before mine. We didn’t plan that by the way, just on of the side effects of living in a small town. Apparently when you’re preggers there will inevitable be a friend or family member who is right there along with you. Weird. The Zen Master got to watch his first video of a live birth and he didn’t flinch, not once… I did… I still can’t figure out how something can be so amazing and so gross at the same time. Oh and they showed the placenta which I (thankfully) never saw with Princess Punk. It’s pretty damned disgusting.  (I was going to insert some kind of witty cartoon here but honestly… I actually did a Google image search on placenta cartoon… ~shudders~ BAD IDEA)

I was also the only mom in the room who already had a kid. Which made me feel all special and knowledgeable. Even though I’m not.

And tonight I have a cold. Which is by no means debilitating  but I have this nasty phlegmy cough and I have to blow my nose every 20 seconds. SO I’m debating whether or not to actually go to the class tonight since I’d be exposing a small, confined room full of pregnant women to my germy ickyness. Even if I’m not contagious (which I don’t think I am unless I actually cough ON someone) I’m likely to piss off all my fresh, new, first-time mommies with my juicy hacking and nose blowing. If it was a class full of mom’s who already had kids? No issue. They’d probably all be sick anyway since their kids would have brought it home from preschool/daycare/school. That’s where I got it. Princess Punk had a sore throat for exactly ONE DAY and I’ve been saddled with this crap going on a week now.

Anyhow… I really want to go to class but I don’t want to piss anyone off with my potential contagion. And I KNOW the Zen Master won’t go on his own.

Damn you pregnancy immune system!


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