The musings of the (slightly) Drunken Master

Let me start by saying… The Zen Master rarely drinks. I mean like, EVER. He had a glass of champagne at our wedding. SO it was slightly odd to get home last night and find him sitting morosely on the couch. We talked for a little while about my day and then just sat there quiet for a bit playing on our respective electronic devices. And then the stream of consciousness started.

“I need new socks. I want to throw out all my old socks.”

~short pause~

“I need pants too.”

~no pause~

“My hair seems to get dirty fast.”

~long pause~

“I want the truck back. I wanna throw some sh** out.”

~short pause~

“That chair is taunting me. ‘Look at me I’m all broken.'” ~sour face~

~very long pause~

“I probably shouldn’t have drunk that beer.”

Then he made dinner.

I LOVE my husband.


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