When did THAT happen?

Next week is Thanksgiving. I honestly did not know that until I got an email this morning reminding the office that we need to “buckle down” since next week is only a 3-day work week. This is actually something I should have already figured out since the annual office Thanksgiving luncheon was today and I MADE THE DAMN TURKEY. (It was awesome in case you were wondering… I am a damned good cook)

What happened to the last 6 weeks? Was I seriously that out of it that I totally glazed over the time between Princess Punk’s birthday and Thanksgiving? Which means Christmas is right around the corner and OHMYGOD I’M HAVING A BABY IN 10 WEEKS!

There’s so much to do and I’m feeling much better but I’m still struggling with The Tired and The Zen Master is feeling the pressure and he’s grumpy and he’s a bit fed up with my pregnant spoiled whining and Princess Punk is being less than helpful with the whole keeping-her-crap-out-of-the-rest-of-the-house thing. Oh, and we’re pretty broke right now and both cars need repairs AND new snow tires and the nursery is full of a jumble of hand-me down baby stuff but missing a few key elements still.

And I have not even started to think about what to do for Christmas. We usually do Christmas at my house, but that is SO not happening this year. Not to mention that even if I am able to scrape up some money, I have no idea what to get as gifts. I’m not great at the whole gift giving thing and the idea of venturing out to the stores this time of year makes me freak out a little bit.

I should make a list. Except making a list usually makes me feel better and I’m afraid at this point it’ll just be terrifying.

Gobble F***ing Gobble.


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