What the NewLife family will NOT be doing for Christmas

Okay… First of all, let me say that our family is spiritually… um… eclectic. I was baptized Catholic, confirmed Episcopalian (aka Catholic Lite, all the pomp and circumstance and only half the guilt) and currently classify myself as spiritual but not religious. My wedding ceremony was a beautiful melding of a Wiccan handfasting and a traditional Episcopalian wedding. My father is an active church-member, sings in the choir and is in my opinion what a Christian should be. (Meaning he is kind, tolerant of other beliefs and believes strongly in helping his fellow human beings). My mom is more relaxed in her beliefs and tends to find spirituality in the things that surround her; her family, her home, the mountains and the trees. The Zen Master is not religious at all and while I would not call him an atheist or anything, his approach to spirituality seems to be more scholarly than soulful. Princess Punk gets a little bit of everything… Passover Seder with her BFF, Full Moon celebrations with me and church youth group with her grandpa. We figure we’ll do our best to show her what’s out there and let her decide which suits her best.

So because of all that, Christmas is more of a secular holiday in our home. Looking at it from a historical perspective, Christmas was never really a Christian holiday anyway, it was adapted from the Pagan celebration for the winter solstice or the birth of the Sun (get it? birth of the “sun” became the birth of the “son”) signaling an end to the long nights of darkness in the winter. Not to mention that Jesus of Nazareth was probably born in late summer, not the middle of winter… Not to say that we don’t say our “Happy Birthday Jesus” on Christmas Day, but we don’t make a huge deal out of it either.

Ummmmmmmm… Where was I? Oh, right… So I was looking at the ridiculous numbers of “Holiday Savings SUPER SALE!” emails in my inbox this morning and it occurred to me that as a family there are a lot of things that we DON’T do for Christmas that it seems like lots of other people do.

  1. Seriously? WHY?????

    Black Friday- Who in the hell wants to leave their home the day after completely gorging themselves on turkey and pie and fight with a hundred thousand insane people over $5 off this year’s “Tickle-Me Elmo?” For that matter…

  2. Christmas shopping in general- I try to get a few nice things for my family, something cool for Princess Punk, something sweet for the Zen Master, maybe some cranberry bread for a select few co-workers. Special little gifts for PP’s teachers, our mailman, the grocery store clerk and any family that isn’t directly related and doesn’t live within about 20 miles? Not gunna happen. Besides the whole financial implications of it, it’s just a damn pain in the arse. How the heck am I supposed to know what to get the school nurse and what would be an appropriate amount of money to spend?
  3. Decorations- Considering the fact that it took us until March last year to take down the stupid christmas tree, why would I want to advertise on the outside of my home that we can’t seem to get our schmidt together long enough to take down a string of lights? Not to mention, the last thing I’d like to draw attention to is the state of our landscaping (or lack thereof) or make it glaringly obvious that we still haven’t put Princess Punk’s bike away from the summer.
    Take THAT Griswolds!
  4. Christmas Cards- I know parents who take great pride in giving cards to every single family in their child’s class. Co-workers who send out “Happy Holidays” cards to anyone they might have a mailing address for in their Crackberry. Moms who drive themselves insane trying to make sure they get cards out by December 1st 10th 15th 21st 24th to everyone who sent cards to them last year. We just… Don’t. Our friends and family know us and they know we love them and are thinking of them and they know how utterly unlikely it is for us to actually get organized enough for long enough to send out actual cards. We tried to do the “yearly email update from the family” thing a few years ago but it just came across as half-assed and pitiful.
  5. Christmas Parties- We have one Holiday party in my office every year. Beyond that? We don’t do the party thing. Our friends and family don’t throw them and neither do we. This year, the closest we are coming is our Baby Shower (tomorrow, YAY!) which is going to basically be a pot luck with friends and family and presents.

So does that make me a scrooge? I don’t think so… I love this time of year, i love getting time off from work, spending time with my family, eating tons of good food and sharing the love and good will… I’m just too lazy to do all the other stuff.


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