Paying it Forward…

So, I read this blog this morning…

The Grand Hooker Experiment (I swear to GOD it’s not porn, PROMISE)

And I wrote this email to Kate and Lydia, my favorite Holiday Hookers…

Kate and Lydia-
 Honestly I feel like a total douche even putting my name in the running and I’m sure there are plenty of moms out there with situations WAY worse than mine and I hope you help them all first before you even think about me… But…
This past year has been pretty shitty. I cover a lot of it on my blog, but I don’t like to be all complainy and whiney so I leave a lot out… Like mainly the financial stuff. Like how I am due to have a baby on January 26th and because I’ve had one sucktastic complication after another with this pregnancy I won’t actually have any sick time by then. And I don’t qualify for short term disability because when you sign up they ask you 3 qualifying questions; Chemo? Kidney Dialysis? Type 1 diabetes or Type 2 diagnosed before the age of 30? and even though I’ve lost over 200lbs and I don’t HAVE type 2 diabetes anymore and I still don’t understand how that is on par with chemo or dialysis, I am no longer eligible to get half pay for 4 weeks when I have my baby. Whatever. I ramble sometimes, please excuse me for that. Where was I? Oh right… complaining… My dear sweet loving husband makes very little and because he works for the hospitality industry in Stowe, VT, his income is largely reliant on ski season in the winter. I dunno if you have noticed the truly crappy weather we’ve been having in the northeast, but they got a couple feet in CT so far this year but today in Vermont, where we are accustomed to several feet of snow by now and actually rely on it for our economy? Raining and 50 degrees. In December. Not the best weather for skiing ya know? Past years we’ve gotten help from my parents who were reasonably financially secure but unfortunately, due to the incredibly shitty economy, my father’s business is rapidly folding and they will be lucky if they can pay their mortgage for the next few months. Then there’s my daughter (the out of utero one) who is 12 and struggling with Type 1 diabetes, newly emerging bipolar disorder and just in case she wasn’t screwed enough just now… puberty. Any sick time I haven’t used for my own varied pregnancy related emergencies has been sucked up by doctor appointments, teacher conferences, therapy and a few ER visits for her. Oh, did I mention I’m 2cm dilated at 32 weeks and may end up on bedrest if these stupid contractions don’t stop? Because that is EXACTLY what my family needs right now, mom losing another month of pay. So anyway, we are struggling a little bit right now and Christmas is looking… like maybe we should just have a nice family dinner and call it a day. Except, I don’t think we can even do that because although he is only working 2 days a week right now and even if there’s still no snow by then my husband WILL be working on Christmas eve and Christmas day. Yay.
At the moment, I’m writing this because i know some help would be nice, but I also realize that there are SO many mom’s out there who don’t have jobs or loving husbands or even a place to stay and I really admire what you are doing and I hope you can help all of those moms out. and then if there is anything leftover… we could use anything anyone wants to share.
Also… because of the kindness of some of my co-workers, I do have one or two extra baby items that I could donate… It really isn’t that much, but someone might find it helpful, even if we don’t have any money, at least we can give something back right?
Stores near me? not much 🙂 If we drive about 90 minutes, there’s a few bigger stores including a WalMart, ToysRUs/BabiesRUs and I think there’s a KMart another exit down on the interstate. Not a single freaking Target though… Very sad.
Thank you hookers! I love you guys for doing ths!
Within a few hours, I had a $25 gift card in my email. It made me cry a little bit. So, Iam posting this here in the hopes that I can at least pay it forward by getting the word out even if I can’t give any gift cards myself. If you are one of the 6 people who read this, and you can help out or you know someone that can, please please pleeeeeeease do.

And you can even post this nifty pic to facebook!


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