Pleasantly Surprised

I don’t know why I’m surprised honestly, I know some pretty awesome people, it probably has to do with my low self-opinion but…

I have friends!

Being someone who is generally socially awkward and often inappropriate in the midst of most normal conversations, it always stuns me when I have a pleasant social experience.

We had our “baby shower” this past saturday. It was AWESOME. Keep in mind that I absolutely detest all the girly crap that usually comes with your typical baby shower (I think if anyone tried to measure my belly with a string I would have hit them with a casserole dish). Our shower consisted of a weekend at a villa at Trapp Family Lodge courtesy of my bestie Crazy Girl who works there and a pot luck dinner with family and friends on Saturday.

This was just the living room…

The dinner was fantastic, a combination of family, friends from work and a few others. We talked and laughed and ate and laughed and talked and I opened presents and forbade “Awwww’s” and had an utterly enjoyable time and truly was able to socialize and interact with people outside of work without feeling completely awkward. (Ok, so one person made me feel a little skeeved, did I really need to hear the horror of her birth stories for all FOUR of her children or spend an inordinate amount of time wondering if her boobs were going to win their epic battle and actually pop out of their shirt? Didn’t have a choice about that one though, girlfriend of one of Zen Master’s friends) Not only do I have friends but my friends are awesome and funny and interesting and they honestly do care about me. That is one of the best feelings in the world and I spent the rest of the weekend walking on a cloud. I never really had that before. I’ve always had one or two close friends, but never a real group of people I could describe as anything more than acquaintances. It was really an amazing revelation and it made me feel that much more blessed to have all these wonderful people integrated into my life.

And to top it off, The Zen Master and I got to stay 2 nights at the Villa in a kick ass room with a HUGE jacuzzi tub and a king sized bed and a fireplace in our bedroom. He had to work (of course) but we spent all the rest of our time quiet and unburdened and enjoying each other’s company.

And the bathroom was even better… can you say water jets? Ahhhhhhh…

Princess Punk was a little miffed that she was left with Mima and Biba for the weekend which is kinda funny since every other day she is begging to spend the night there. We agreed that we would have a “Mommy and Me” day this coming Saturday so she withdrew her snit and decided staying at Mima’s over the weekend was just fine since she’d be able to watch a whole lot of TV.

Overall, I have to say… Best. Weekend. Ever. Okay, top 5 at least…

I love my friends and family! Woot!


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