Oh right… It’s Monday

I was wondering why in the hell I am so ridiculously grouchy today then I remembered it’s Monday.


I woke up in a foul mood. I passed out at around 7pm last night then woke up at 10 and proceeded to stay up until at least 2 (I stopped looking at the clock after that) My alarm goes off at 430. Snooze button anyone? The furnace was out so I had to reset it and it was 63degrees in the living room. Got Princess Punk up… wait, let me clarify… Told Princess Punk to wake up then went to get dressed and came back to find her still in bed, passed out like a frat boy with too much Jager… I’m pretty sure that’s when I started cursing… Actually, come to think of it I started before then when I got my clothes out of the drawer, put them on and realized the top of the pants no longer met the bottom of the shirt. Of my maternity shirt. And my maternity pants. Yay. I am now down to a total of 3 outfits that I can wear to work that still cover enough of my ginormous belly that I won’t be sent home for public indecency. Oh and both pairs of pants are PJs/sweats. VERY professional.

It was extremely cold outside. Vermont. December. Nuff said.

Not today Rosie, not today.

I stopped at McDonald’s on the way to work because a morning stomach ache was just what I needed to improve my mood. I was 30 minutes late to work. Actually I was 40 minutes late to work because I ended up sitting in my car in the parking lot for 10 minutes internally yelling at myself to put on my Big Girl Britches and go to work instead of turning the car around and going home like I really wanted to.

I’ve done very little today.I got promoted on Friday which should be a good thing but honestly all it did was make me feel like there is no more reason to stay here until the Moose comes. Great work ethic right?Oh yeah, and I’ve been having contractions all morning. Not painful, just uncomfortable. They’re sporadic enough for me to know I’m not in labor but constant enough to make me want to leave work that much more.

I am unmotivated, grumpy, tired and unbelievably sick of being pregnant.

I would really like it to be January now. Can someone make that happen please?

UPDATE: Okay so today was not completely crappy, I just got thrown a surprise baby shower at work where I got cake, a Charlie Brown Christmas tree and CASH… So maybe not so sucky a day after all 🙂

‘Cept mine had money tied all over it 🙂


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