Holy crap who let a Wookie in here?

Interesting fact about the Duodenal Switch (the weight loss surgery I underwent a few years back)- The reason why is works so well for implementing and maintaining massive weight loss is the fact that the part of my small intestine that actually digests and absorbs food is a small percentage of a normal person’s. This results in me only absorbing a small fraction of the calories (and nutrients) that I actually consume. This also results in food getting farther in my digestive system with less actual digestion which makes all those little bacterias (bacteriai???) in my gut VERY happy. Which results in gas. A LOT of gas. Now, normally I can control the amount of gas I have by what I eat. Less white flour, less gluten, less super high fiber foods and generally I’m not too bad off. BUT…

Interesting fact about pregnancy- higher levels of progesterone relax smooth muscle tissue (like the muscles in your gut) and slow down digestion. Add to this a tendency to eat different things and your body’s different reaction to them as well as the growing pressure of a small person on all your organs and pregnant women tend to get much gassier than your average person.

Soooo… Given the fact that I had Mexican food for lunch yesterday and ate far too much bread in the last 12 hours including a hamburger with bun and 2 BLTs, one at midnight last night and one at 6am this morning (What? I’m PREGNANT) I have been sitting in my office all day with the door closed sounding like a Wookie is trying to escape my ass.


I go home in less than an hour. Thank god The Zen Master puts up with my gas with good humor… I swear that was one of the reasons I married him. He will do anything from laughing outright to raising an eyebrow and complimenting me on the wide range of sounds that can eminate from my rear end. I definitely prefer that to my father who will spray Febreeze at my mom’s ass when she lets one go (she had the same surgery as I did a year later) and making a sour face. My dad only ever farts in his sleep… Zen Master will occasionally try to outdo me although he tends to fail miserably. I do have the advantage in that department. I think he even bragged to one of his friends that he was impressed that he married a woman who’s farts are worse than his… I do love that man…

Hmm… Re-reading through this I suspect this was a bit of an overshare. Oh well… At least you don’t have to smell it.


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