Hump Day…

I swear if one more person looks at me and says, “You’re still here?” as I slowly waddle down the hall I am going to go Jack Bauer on their ass.

I’m not actually DUE for another month people.

I am wavering between having absolutely no motivation to work at all and a huge amount of impending guilt at leaving others to cover my stuff while I’m gone.

I saw my OB on Monday.  I love her, she is totally awesome but the last thing I really wanted to hear was “Well, anytime between now and a month from now.” Because that narrows it down.

My calves and ankles are so swollen they are actually bruising. Yay.

I’ve been sleeping on the couch for the past month and apparently my living room is drier than my bedroom because I now have a nosebleed every morning.

The Moose has dropped. Meaning I am now able to eat like a normal person. Actually, strike that. I am able to eat like a starving zombie in the middle of an apocalypse (minus the brains and cannibalism I suppose). This also means that my digestive problems are now increased and I have to pee CONSTANTLY and my left hip will occasionally pop out of the socket when I get in the car.

I am going grocery shopping with my mom after work today for Christmas eve dinner/day brunch/day dinner. I am excited because I made up a KICKASS menu (which I will post tomorrow) but not exactly looking forward to waddling through a grocery store for an hour or so. My gracious mother has promised me use of their jacuzzi tub when we’re done though so that’ll make up for most some of it. I added bath salts to the grocery list.

I’m extremely grumpy, The Zen Master is still morose, Princess Punk is too excited for my energy level to deal with and my dad is being a jerk.

Oh, and Merry Christmas, my car needs 2 THOUSAND dollars worth of repairs (cracked head gasket, engine leak and a messed up wheel bearing). After we just spent $600 on snow tires. And since my car is technically the “better” of the two vehicles, we absolutely MUST get it fixed because Zen Master’s rusty bucket Ford Explorer cannot be trusted to drive me the hour and 15 minutes to the hospital when I go into labor. I’d rather not give birth at a highway rest stop if you don’t mind.

Damn this was a whiney post. I hate that. My apologies, my mood is just kinda crappy lately. Stay tuned for my menu tomorrow, at least that’s something I’m excited about!


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