Why is it…

  • Make up your damn mind!

    Why is it when the road is completely clear from snow and ice I get stuck behind someone doing 30MPH in a 50MPH zone but when the roads are icy and terrifying there is inevitably a car (or more often a truck with REALLY bright headlights) stuck behind me that wants to do 70MPH?

  • Why is it that I can wake up 10 minutes before my alarm goes off, wide awake and unable to sleep but the second I get in my car to go to work, showered, dressed and ready to go, I am fighting to keep my eyes open while I’m driving?
  • Why is it the idea of McDonalds for dinner is only appealing when I don’t have any money to spend on it?
  • Why is it Princess Punk asks begs EVERY SINGLE DAY to spend the night at Mima’s house until I actually need her to spend the night over there because I have to go to work early in the morning? And then she pouts because I don’t spend enough time with her…
  • Why is it the Beast (Princess Punk’s evil evil cat) only has to take a crap when I’m eating my dinner or trying to sleep in the living room at 3am?
  • It’s not just for steak anymore… Oh ew.

    Why is it I can always remember that we are out of something non-essential like, for example, steak sauce yet I forget we have a half a roll of toilet paper left in the whole house?

  • Why is it that I get up with the urgent need to pee, go sit on the toilet then have to wait ten minutes before anything happens?
  • For that matter, why is it that I have WAY more trouble getting up off the couch when I really have to go as opposed to just getting up for some other reason?
  • Do Nothing. CHECK!

    Why is it that I can spend the entire 30-40 minute drive to and from work making lists of important things to do, grocery shopping and composing witty blog posts in my head… That I instantly forget once I have the means to actually record them?

  •  Why is it I feel the incessant need to make lists although I rarely accomplish anything on them?
  • Why is it that I get ads for Viagra and Cialis in my email? What website did I visit that caused that to happen?
  • Why is it that I feel the need to be right so much that I will argue things to the point of tears? Seriously? Is it really that important if it was Keith Carridine or David Carridine in Kung Fu?

Just pondering I guess… My brain seems to shut off in the afternoon so I figured this might spark things up again. Thank goodness I start a reduced schedule next week!

At least THOSE don’t sound like Wookies…


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