A note of sadness

So far, the New Year has brought more sadness than joy.

If you recall I mentioned before that Crazy Girl’s sister was in my childbirth class and she was due just a few days before me.

She lost her baby this weekend.

The last time I spoke with Crazy Girl, they still weren’t sure what happened. Her sister just stopped feeling the baby move and when she went to get checked out there was nothing. No heartbeat, no movement, nothing.

I never heard Crazy Girl cry until this weekend.

Her sister was to stay at the hospital where she would have to be induced into labor to deliver the no longer living baby.

I know she and her husband waited to have their first child and she is in her early 40’s but as far as I knew from talking to her in class and hearing second hand accounts from Crazy Girl, everything was going okay. I cannot begin to imagine how devastated she and her husband are. There are milestones of relief in pregnancy, especially if things are high risk. 15 weeks, the chance of miscarriage goes down; 24 weeks, the baby is still viable if born early; 32 weeks, chances of long-term damage from premature birth drop dramatically; 36-37 weeks, full term. She and I had both hit that 36 week mark, I don’t know what her thoughts were but I was feeling much more secure in the safety and viability of my baby. To get that far and have it all snatched away without warning… It makes my heart hurt just thinking about it.

I don’t know how Zen Master, Princess Punk and I would survive a loss of this magnitude. I can only hope and pray that Crazy Girl’s sister and her husband can make it through. If she is anything like her sister, I know she is strong and she will make it but I hate the idea of anyone having to “make it through” something like this.

I honestly don’t know what else to say.


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