Yup, that’s my family.

Last night my mother-in-law came by to give Princess Punk her Christmas presents. She’s been trying to catch up with her for the past 3 weeks but they’ve just not been able to connect for some reason. Anyway, last night she finally got a hold of my slippery spawn and was able to finally give The Princess her (awesome) presents.

She gave the Princess a case of some nice art supplies, a sketch pad, a watercolor pad and a “How to Draw Manga” book which are really perfect since Princess Punk is obsessed with reading, drawing and basically all things Manga (Japanese style graphic novels).

The Zen Master got home and Princess Punk rushed to show him her bounty and the following exchange ensued.

PP hands the case of art supplies to ZM to show off.

ZM- “Why thank you, these are lovely, I’ll use them right away!”

PP- “Noooo Daddy those are Mine!”

ZM (with an evil smirk)- “But I was going to draw on your mom with those… While we “giggle” later.”

PP- “Ewwwwwwww. No way, those are MINE.”

ZM- “Come on! I was gonna paint a smiley face on her butt!”

PP- ” NO WAY! Then you’ll get Mom’s Butt Cooties on my stuff! FORGET IT!”

How do you argue with Butt Cooties? There’s nothing else to say after that.


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