Hooray! My pregnancy hell is OVER!

Ewwww… Sticky baby… Happy mommy though 🙂

Okay, so I know that no one really wants to hear the gory details of my new little one’s birth so I shall spare you. Let me just say it was painful, fast and an absolutely amazing event. Everything was so different from my total ordeal with Princess Punk and I was able to really experience this birth in the way I had hoped to, pain, joy and amazement all wrapped into one. The Zen Master was instantly in love with her as was I. She will from this point on in this blog be referred to as “The Peach,” so named by the Zen Master because she is “all pink and fuzzy.” Since she was almost 2 weeks early, she’s still has a lot of languno, the tiny hairs that cover infants when they are in the womb. Peach still has soft, fine, almost invisible fuzz covering her back, neck and shoulders.  Princess Punk got to come to the hospital the next day (Peach was born just before 1am) to meet her new little sister and she has fallen in love herself.

Peach is tiny. I mean really tiny. She was 6lbs 11oz at birth, almost 2lbs less than The Princess. I honestly totally forgot how little newborns are and this one is on the small side anyway. She is perfect though. Beautiful and tiny and perfect with pretty little fingers and itty-bitty feet. It still amazes me that we made this little person and she is ours to keep. She’s a very calm baby… She seems to take after the Zen master that way. She does seem to have a temper though which obviously is all me. Since all newborns really do is eat and sleep, she gets tired or hungry and will get pissed if she doesn’t get her needs met in a reasonable amount of time. She actually sounds indignant. It’s truly kinda funny.

I’ve been trying to breastfeed but as with Princess Punk, I’m not really producing any milk. It really sucks and it is very hard not to feel like a total failure as a woman that my body is unable to do the most natural thing that it was made for. Working on it though and with the formula (which smells GROSS btw) Peach is happy and sleeps for 4-5 hours straight which is keeping me sane since I am able to catch a little bit of rest.

My beautiful little Peach

Oh, and if it should ever come up… You should never lecture a new mom on parenting skills. This evil effing woman at the doctor’s office yelled at me in the parking lot because I had neglected to put enough blankets on my baby before going outside and her lungs were going to freeze. Seriously? She made me cry since I’m all hormonal and stuff, if I hadn’t been, I would’ve squared up and kicked her right in the damn taco. Oh and this was AFTER she touched my 4-day old infant’s FACE in the office without any invitation or warning. I’m sorry crazy woman, what gives you the right to touch my infant? I have no friggin idea why you are even AT the doctor, you could have effing ebola for all I know. AND, when we went to the pharmacy on the way home, the evil snitch was there too and this time she totally ignored me to the point where she pretended I wasn’t even there and cut right in front of me in line. GAH…

Anyhow, I suspect I’m not going to posting much for the next few weeks since… um… newborn and all. Gotta say though…  I’m SO unbelievably happy thatI ‘m no longer pregnant and I have this amazing and perfect little new person in my life.


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