The hospital stay

We had decided prior to my admission that we would stay at the hospital as long as the insurance would cover it. I wanted the extra support in the hospital and the time away from all the chaos at home was welcome during the first 48 hours of The Peach’s life outside the womb.
Staying at the hospital had pluses and minuses…
Plus- the nurses were fantastic. I mean truly fantastic. They were all super helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Not to mention that at least two of them sat down and let me cry on their shoulder about my epic fail with the whole breastfeeding thing. One of them is even following my blog now 🙂
Plus- the lactation assistance was phenomenal. Between the nurses, the lactation consultants and the pediatrician, I got an amazing amount of information and help for breastfeeding and now I feel as though even if I’m not producing milk, I’ve ready done everything I can to make things work. I’m still not giving up but I feel less like a failure with all the information I’ve gotten.  Plus, The Zen Master was happy to see my boobs get manhandled by more women than Tila Tequila’s.
Minus- the food… Honestly, as hospital food goes, this hospital did very well, just not right for me. Their menu was based on a “mediterranean style” food plan, high in complex carbs, low in fat, less than average amount of protein. With my DS, I need to eat high protein, low carb and a meister amount of fat. Whole grain pumpkin pancakes sound delicious but will likely make me sick and hold no nutritional value for me. I’d be much better off with an omelet with ful-fat cheese and a side of bacon or sausage but it was a flipping war with the food service people to get them to give me what I needed. The nutritionist came to seeme and “had a talk” with the kitchen so that finally, on my last day there, I was able to get extra chicken breast with my lunch, regular cheddar in my omelet and actual meat with breakfast. It was a major pain in the ass though and I ended up going to the visitors cafeteria a couple times just to be able to get the amount of protein and fat my body needs. Oh and I had my dad bring me a double whopper when he came to visit.
Minus- The Zen Master was on his 32nd straight day of work the day I went into labor. So my lovely plan of us having some bonding time in the hospital with our new baby basically boiled down to me gazing at her while The Zen Master slept 90% of the time.
Plus- designated visiting hours allowed time to rest and relax without feeling bad about kicking people out.
Minus- bathroom was in the hallway. Hospital gown? Nuff said.

Not a bad experience overall and I enjoyed the extra time with someone taking care of me.

Then I got to go home… yay


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