Oh What a Beautiful Morni… Just Shut it. (now with bitter and angry updates!)

Yesterday was my busiest day so far since the birth of the Peach. It wasn’t HUGELY busy mind you, just more than I think I was ready for.

Yeah except I think it’d be more accurate if those were bills, not coins…

First, I had an appointment at the WIC office to get signed up. This was a huge thing for me since we spent my entire pregnancy thinking we were outsife of the income limits for WIC and if I wasn’t able to breastfeed (which apparently I’m not) the cost of formula was going to kill us. Another thing that is awesome about Vermont- If your children qualify for Dr. Dynosaur, the child medicaid program in the state, they automatically qualify for WIC too. This is a huge thing since the income limits for Dr. Dynosaur are up to 300% of the federal poverty line (meaning a family of 4 can make up to I think 64K a year gross and still qualify) as opposed to the federally set income limits for WIC which are at only 185% of the poverty line. Before taxes, health insurance, life insurance and other fees, we make a fairly decent wage in the NewLife household but once you take all that stuff out we are BARELY scraping by. And these assistance programs go by gross pay, not net, so most of the time we are totally screwed. But, thanks to Vermont being a small and progressive state and also thanks to a few grants courtesy of our DC representatives, Vermont has plenty of funding and no waiting list therefore the state can set the income limits higher than the federal level. Long story short, The Peach will have formula and we’ll get milk, cereal and beans to augment our grocery budget.

My kid? Ummmm… Gosh, I don’t see her anywhere…

Sooo… after that Mom took us out to lunch then she had her therapy appointment and then we had to pick up Princess Punk from school to take her to the orthopedist since she fell during snowboarding on sunday. She has apparently fractured the same wrist she broke last year in ski class. Something tells me this kid is not meant for the slopes. Anyhow… all this activity was in itself not a lot but combined with a 10-day old infant who is not quite on a schedule yet and me, still recuperating from… you know… giving birth and all, it was a bit much. By the time we got home, Peach and I were both tired, cranky and hungry. I ended up passing out at 6:30 and letting Zen Master deal with the 8pm feeding. Peach did NOT have a fantastic night. She was constipated (no, thank YOU formula) and gassy and the only thing little bitty babies know what to do about those 2 things is to? You guessed it… CRY. So she was fussy. Then… at about 1am, the heat dies. FanTAStic… Out of kerosene. Which wouldn’t be a huge deal except for the fact that we owe the oil company about $500 which we have to pay in full before they will make a delivery. Oh, and we got a cut-off bill for the electric this morning as well, only owe them $300.

So The Zen Master and I bundled up The Peach and he dropped me off at my mom’s house on his way to work since he had to take my car since the truck is STILL not working. At least Princess Punk was already over there. Mom’s door was locked. They NEVER lock their door. EVER. I had to ring the doorbell at quarter to 6, guaranteed to make everyone SUPER cheery to see me.

Apparently Princess Punk is in the doghouse since the whole reason she spent the night here yesterday was to clean up all her crap since my mom has company coming tomorrow. Judging from the state of the living room, I’m guessing that didn’t happen.

She just spent the last hour stomping around the house alternately pouting and crying. She was already in a pissy mood, because of her fresh arm cast she has to stay at school while the rest of her class goes ice-skating today. She left at 7:20 to hike up the driveway to catch the bus. I get a phone call at 7:22.

“I keep gagging and I feel like I’m gonna throw up.”

I think this must be a reaction to having to get on the bus since the whole time she was in here she had no problems whatsoever. Too bad, so sad, cry me a river kiddo and get on the damn bus.

Less than an hour of sleep and I get a little snippy.

When I called the oil company at 7:47am I got the following message, “Thank you for calling Might as Well Freeze to Death Oil. Our office is currently closed. We are open 7:30AM to 4:30PM Monday through Friday. If this is an emergency, please press ‘1’ and you will connected with our answering service.” I called back at 8:07AM and got the same message.

It’s now 8:59AM, let’s see what I get now…

Pressing ‘1’ for the on-call operator since apparently they’re stuck in some sort of time warp.

Ah… apparently they are having a staff meeting. And no, the on-call operator can neither take my payment over the phone or send a truck out for a delivery (because we haven’t paid them yet).

So it’s now 9:12AM and it is already a shitty day.

UPDATE- Warning- NEVER EVER SAY “Well it can’t get much worse…” BECAUSE IT WILL.

I had to leave my beautiful little newborn with my mom for 2 WHOLE HOURS so I could go to my house and let the oil guy in to re-light our furnce. Except he didn’t have to. Because we weren’t out, we still had half a tank. Because our gauge on the tank is all messed up and unreliable and because we have to reset the stupid furnace at least every other day just so we don’t wake up to a 40degree living room. Because when it DOESN’T reset (like this morning) I have to assume we are out of kerosene since the goddamn gauge doesn’t work.

This has been going on for over a year.

Know how much extra I had to pay for an “emergency delivery?”


Know how many times I’ve done that in the past year because I’ve THOUGHT we were out of kerosene?


Know how many times in the past year I’ve called out a serviceman about the reset problem?


Know how many times they’ve come out, charged me 60 bucks, pushed the reset button themselves and not actually FIXED THE PROBLEM?


To my credit,  I managed not to curse at the delivery guy who was actually very understanding and nice although things did get a bit awkward when I started to cry (thank you SO MUCH hormones!)

This is the longest I have been seperated from The Peach since conception. I am not doing well emotionally at this point.

I am starving so I stopped at the corner store to grab a breakfast sammich on the way back to my mom’s house. In the store, the deli guy’s wife has brought in their baby, probably about 8 months old. He is EXTREMELY cute and is making giggly baby noises which in turn is making me agitated and then guess what? My boobs started to hurt. Which was painful and pathetic since although my breasts are attempting to do what they are supposed to, that is to say, produce milk at the sound/smell/sight of a baby, they are completely retarded and are unable to make it work right. So what I get is a surge of hormones, sore boobs, a painfully urgent need to see my infant RIGHT NOW and a miserable feeling of inadequacy. Oh, and I start crying to a complete stranger holding a baby in the middle of the store. EPIC FAIL.

F*** today. Seriously. F*** it right up the ****.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. andrewsutton
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 09:42:02

    I had to read it with a title like that. You made my day a little brighter. I hope things look up for you.


  2. filltheirbellies
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 10:37:46

    I love the way you express yourself! Finding some humor in what is essentially a sh*t fest, is the only way to survive!


  3. newlifeinvermont
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 12:37:10

    Thanks guys! I’m glad someone can find some amusement in this day, I’m sure Iwill too but probably not until tomorrow. Or at least until I have heat in my house again. Like tomorrow. :p


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