So apparently, not completely perfect.

The Peach gave me a hard time last night. Not that she wasn’t delightful and she wasn’t particularly fussy, she just didn’t want to sleep. At all. From about midnight to about 4:30am. She ate a little, then dozed for a minute or so, then peed then got grumpy because she was wet, then ate some more, then nursed some, then cried if I tried to put her to bed and so on. For four hours.

And this morning, I learned that The Zen Master is not perfect. You see, it didn’t occur to him that since I was absent from our bed for most of the night and just barely crawled back in before his alarm went off (which I didn’t even hear) that I might not hear my alarm an hour later to wake up Princess Punk. So he left for work. About five minutes before my alarm went off. Which I slept through.

Princess Pink came into my room at 7:30, bleary-eyed and told me the time. Her bus comes at 7:22.

I cannot take her to school as Zen Master has the only working vehicle a well as the car seat base even if I could get the stupid truck running. My mom attempted to come pick her up but thanks to a night of freezing rain, was unable to get out of her driveway.

So I guess Princess Punk is playing hooky today.

And The Peach is awake. Again.

Well, it’s still better than yesterday, at least we have heat.

I’ll be damned, school is closed today anyway on account of the crap fest coming from the sky.

I’m still annoyed with my husband though.


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