Apparently she takes after daddy.

Warning… This post is not for anyone with a weak stomach.

I do not throw up easily. Since I can remember, I’ve never been one of those kids that barfs at the drop of a hat. Princess Punk is the same way. As an infant she hardly ever spit up and I think I can count on one hand the times she has actually puked.

The Zen Master? Let’s just say this is not a trait we share. He will throw up if he eats too fast and has, on several occasions had to run away from the table in the middle of dinner to go retch. Loudly. Ewwwwwww. Even happened at a restaurant once and he threw up into his napkin a little bit. Gotta say I was NOT attracted to him at that moment. I am actually getting nauseous just thinking about it.

Apparently The Peach has inherited her father’s propensity for epic emesis. (good use of alliteration right?) She spits up regularly after eating and tonight after consuming an entire 4oz bottle she decided to projectile vomit. All. Over. Me.

It was everywhere. All over my shirt, in my hair and I’m not sure how, but some of it got in my ear. My EAR. I scared the poor kid half to death since I was so alarmed by the sudden and abrupt deluge of puke that I actually yelled. Not at her mind you, just a loud, surprised yelp that may have included a curse word or two.

She didn’t actually get much on herself, although amazingly, the force at which she expelled the partially-digested, sour smelling formula caused it to come out of her nose. Yes, that’s right, my infant is so talented she can barf through her nose.

The Zen Master wiped out her little nostrils while I changed my shirt and rinsed the gross out of my hair, off my neck and out of my ear. I was honestly amazed at the physics of it. She’s just so damned tiny, how in the hell did she DO that?


So now I’m just waiting for her to wake up hungry. Since she threw up pretty much everything she took in, I’m thinking she’ll need to eat again reeeeeeaaaaal soon.

I think I’ll go put on a poncho.


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