Trying NOT to kill my first-born.

I’m tired. And Princess Punk is being a spoiled little snitch. She has certain things to do around the house, mainly just the kitchen and keeping her room clean. Since her right arm is in a cast, dishes are out so the ONLY THING she is obligated to do is clean her room. That’s it. So you’d think that when I told heer she couldn’t have a friend stay over last night because her room was not only messy but the Beast had kicked kitty litter and cat poop on her floor to add to the mess and it was rapidly creeping down the hall. So she has her friend text me and ask with a sad story of how her parents had a”date night”and she would be home alone if she didn’t come over. I didn’t respond. So she asks The Zen Master. He wisely asked me but at that point I was so tired and completely over it that I told him to make the decision. He’s a big softy so it’s now 5PM on saturday and Princess Punk’s friend is still here. And her room is still a mess. And now the dining room, kitchen and MY BEDROOM are a mess too. And when I had the nerve to say something to her like, “you and your friend need to clean up the chaos you have rained down upon my house,” she cops a huge attitude and spends the next 20 minutes stomping around and slamming doors.
I’m currently laying on the couch with a sleeping Peach on my chest and my right eyelid is twitching uncontrollably. The Zen Master is bustling around neatening up and folding laundry while I count to 10 20 100 a very high number so I don’t completely lose my schmidt and start screaming.
I just realized I’m going to have a 14 year old and a 2 year old at the same time.
I hope we all survive.


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