Thank you Mom and Ambien

I feel slightly better than yesterday. I’m still feeling kinda down and I’m not quite awake enough to make a full assessment but I am WAY less tired. Mom read my post yesterday and called me to see if I wanted her to come over and hang with the Peach so I could get some sleep. Seeing as how I glanced in the mirror yesterday and was astonished at the depth and color of the circles under my eyes I acquiesced.
Since my body has apparently decided that no sleep is now the norm, I had a difficult time trying to nap or even rest sufficiently at first. Mom paid for pizza which The Zen Master went and picked up without complaint and brought home beer and M&Ms too. I do love that man…
So I had some pizza and a beer or 2 3 4… Then decided at about 8 to take an Ambien and go to bed (no lectures please, I know you’re not generally supposed to mix alcohol with that stuff). I slept deeply and blissfully until 330 am when I went out and “boobed” The Peach. Then I went back to bed. I slept another 2 hours and therm got Princess Punk up and ready for school. Her insulin pump has been acting all whuck lately so I have been having to do her set changes (the set is the tubing and cannula that attach the pump to her body) the past few days. So I did that, had a slice of pizza, stared at the beautiful Peach and got back in bed. I feel better but I definitely could use some more sleep so I’m going to take advantage of my mom being here and go back to sleep as soon as I post this.
On, and here’s the real kicker… Peach slept fairly well last night. She only woke up every 2 hours instead of the 15-20 minute naps I’ve been blessed with in the past week. So apparently, my youngest daughter is also trying to drive me batshit crazy as well. Joy.
I’ll figure out later on if it was just sleep deprivation making me despondent or if I’m really coming down with a case of the”baby blues.”
***Edited to add-
Holy schmidt I just noticed I posted last night. I honestly don’t remember that at all. That is why you don’t mix beer and Ambien. Wow, apparently I fibbed about how much beer I drank too. Or else I forgot which is also a possibility.
I better go check facebook and see if I posted anything weird there…


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