Women have been doing this for thousands of years…


Working up to it…

So why am I having so much trouble?

Peach is miserable. How’d it go last night? See yesterday’s post and throw in a good 2 hours straight of screaming punctuated only by brief stretches of gasping for air and quiet shuddering sobs. She was inconsolable. Bottle? No. Boob? No. Patpatpat? No. Singing, reading, cooing, walking, rocking, binky? No, no, no, no, no and no. The night before I at least had the Zen Master to help out since he was off work but last night, in my attempt to be nice to my hubby, Peach and I stayed in the living room so he could get some sleep at least since wednesday is early early morning at work and Tae Kwon Do class after that. Not that it would’ve made a difference, her screaming would’ve just kept us both up if I had gone in the bedroom.

So now, I have a splitting headache, I’m operating on about an hour sleep and even though The Peach is sleeping now, she is fussing every few minutes in her sleep making it impossible for me to sleep too.

Princess Punk has a follow up appointment with ortho about her wrist this afternoon and like I said, The Zen Master will be teaching class.

Oh, and tomorrow? Dentist all afternoon because when I went in last week for my cleaning they found a filling that needs to be replaced asap if I want to avoid a root canal.

Did I mention I have a headache?

How in the hell have we survived as a species?

Good Lord child, BREATHE!


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