Apparently my phone doesn’t appreciate my blog.

I’ve been informed that some of the posts I’ve been making from my phone have been showing up kinda screwy online. Sorry about that, I’m going to try and remedy this if I can get onto a real computer at some point. You know, The Zen Master has several computers, I could probably use one of his to do my posts. But that would require me entering his geek kingdom… Its kinda scary in there. He feels the same way about getting stuff out of my purse.
The Peach had a slightly better night… She actually slept for a stretch of 90 minutes at one point. There was another episode of projectile vomiting but this time I was ready, armed with spit cloth and paper towels… It continues to amaze me how such a small person can project with such force with so little apparent effort. I think it actually surprised her this time cuz she barfed and them looked at me all deer-in-the-headlights and then started screaming in a rather alarmed tone.
“Holy crap mommy, it came out of my nose again!”
Way to go kid, way to go.


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