Tonight I drank too much wine and I cried. But in a good way… Really!

I’ve been kinda disconnected on a spiritual level recently. Which is kinda odd considering all the crap we’ve been going through lately has been depending on faith. So tonight, after a few glasses of wine, I realized I haven’t said thank you. To, you know… The universe, God, Goddess, Higher Power, whatever you believe. I’m honestly not sure what it is I believe myself right now, but I definitely believe there is something bigger out there and I believe that although I have had a lot to do with the outcomes of my life right now, there is something more that has helped me along the way.

So I cried. A happy cry… Because, despite the sleep deprivation and screaming baby and hormonal twelve year old and slightly distant husband, I am happy. My life is by no means perfect, but (besides financial security) I have everything I have ever wanted. I have a job I love and I’m good at, I have an amazing, kind-hearted husband who adores me, two beautiful daughters and parents and in-laws who care deeply about me and my family.

So thanks for all that.

If I could just get a little extra money…

Ok, now I’m just being greedy.


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