Another reason why Diabetes sucks…

Princess Punk is sick. There is a particularly nasty stomach virus making the rounds and The Princess has it. Rememberhow Iwas recently discussing the fact that Princess Punk doesn’t throw up? She threw up TWICE this morning. That’s how bad this stupid virus is. My first born spent over an hour on the floor in the bathroom moaning and looking miserable. She still has diarrhea.

So here’s the REALLY crappy part. (Oh, ew, sorry)

Because Princess Punk has Type 1 Diabetes, when she gets sick, she could end up in the ER. Especially stomach bugs. See, the virus makes her blood sugar shoot up. This means her insulin is not covering her. Which means her body starts producing ketones. Which could could end up putting her in the hospital with diabetic ketoacidosis. This means she needs more insulin. Because her body is all screwed up with the virus, it’s hard to say just how much more insulin she needs. This means he sugar can also get too low. Because she is having trouble keeping anything down, getting sugar into her is difficult. So she could end up in the hospital needing IV glucose. So, in order to keep her blood sugar in that magic range between 100 and 200, We have to wake her up every hour and test her blood sugar. And she has to check for ketones every time she pees. Because the kid isn’t uncomfortable enough with the belly ache, vomiting and diarrhea.


To top it off, The Peach is still going through some kind of f***ed up baby sleep deprivation thing that causes her to sleep no more than 20 minutes at a time. So I’m trying to take care of The Princess on no sleep and keep her away from Peach since this virus is also dangerous for infants. I’ve been following the Princess around with hand sanitizer and a can of Lysol all day. Luckily she’s mostly been asleep in her room so it’s not too bad. Mom came over while The Zen Master was at work so I didn’t completely lose my farking mind and basically held the baby so I could clean up and disinfect and make sure Princess Punk wasn’t say… slipping into a coma.

SoI’m currently zoned out on the couch. Both my girls are asleep. Princess Punk’s blood sugar was 81, normally a happy number but today slightly worrysome. So She got a half a cup of Gatorade and went back to sleep. Gotta wake her up again in a half hour. Gave The Peach a bath and a rub down with some Burt’s Bees baby oil (ohmigod that stuff is AWESOME) and she is finally sleeping a bit more soundly than she has in days. The shitty part? Since I’ve been running around all day like a headless chicken, worrying about my precious girls, I am currently to amped to sleep. My one freaking chance to sleep in the past 24 hours and I CAN’T.

Hating Diabetes right now. And this stupid norovirus which I’m sure will be hitting me and my screwed up digestive system in the next day or so.


I’m pouting now.


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