Who’d have thunk it?

I have too much time on my hands.
The thing about me is I need to be useful. I need structure, a schedule, a list of things to do. Peach is finally sleeping more and as a result I’m slightly more rested. Problem is, I still have very little energy, I’m still dealing with some depression and she still has no kind of rhyme or reason to when she sleeps and for how long. As a result, I’m awake but lethargic and needing to stay within a few feet of the Peach because there is no telling when she will awaken.
It’s not like there is a lack of things to do around here… The house is a mess, there is a ridiculous amount of laundry to do and we have yet to do our taxes. Not to mention I should get out of the house every once and awhile but since Peach’s schedule is, well, not a schedule at all, there’s no way to plan any kind of outing.
So I hang out in my bed or on the couch, watching Law and Order and putting the binky back in The Peach’s mouth every time she spits it out and starts fussing.
I am bored.
I have no one to talk to and I’m so spaced out that I don’t think I could actually hold a conversation if the opportunity arose. Crazy Girl has come over to hang out a couple times and I babble aimlessly and then watch her coo over Peach. And I don’t want to go anywhere since it seems to cost me money every time I do and I think The Zen Master may kill me if I use the credit card again.
I think I’ve put on about 15lbs since I’ve been home because when I’m bored, I pretty much eat constantly. And unfortunately, even though I’m mind-numbingly bored, I can’t seem to summon enough energy to get something done around here. I’d really like it if I could just get my schmidt together for long enough to clean up just a little bit.
I’ve been avoiding my Ritalin since I’ve been trying to sleep some in the morning and afternoon when The Peach sleeps since overnight is still not guaranteed. I’m thinking I’m going to take some tomorrow and see what happens.
Oh and posting is a major pain in the ass as I’m still limited to my phone unless I go to mom’s house or steal The Zen Master’s netbook. Neither of those options arte either convenient or desirable.
Crap. Now I’m bored AND grumpy.


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