What day is it again?

Ok… It must be Tuesday because I had therapy today.

It’s my first time out of the house in 6 days.

I cleaned for several hours on Saturday and then spent Sunday AND Monday recuperating.

Every other day has consisted of the following-

Feed, change, rock, bathe, play with The Peach.


Watch TV

Play solitaire and go on Facebook on my phone


That’s it.

I’m not posting because of the phone thing and since I have no laptop, I’m not able to do much else. I could at least be messing around online or something if I had my PC.  Princess Punk is still grounded so I don’t have her to motivate me to get up and do something since” Mom is a total “B” and I hate her.” Okay okay, she didn’t say that but that is definitely the attitude I’m getting from her about 90% of the time.

All my days are smooshing together to the point that I have no idea what day it is most days, nor can I differentiate where one day ends and the next begins. Today was a bit refreshing since I had an appointment and I actually went grocery shopping. I’m currently posting this from my mom’s laptop and siting in her living room feeling both somewhat relieved and somewhat agitated that I’m not actually in my own home. I go back to work in a little less than 3 weeks. I’m going to miss my Peach terribly but I am so relieved to feel purposeful again. Not that I don’t have a purpose now, it’s just not really noticeable since it’s what I’m expected to do anyway. Like I said, I need structure and activity to function and I am sorely lacking in that department at the moment. I feel somewhat muted, like a painting that has been sitting in the sun for too long. I’m vaguely tired, kinda bored and slightly annoyed pretty much all the time. I’ve been sporadically taking my Ritalin again and it does seem to help but apparently it’s not completely a mental thing since I get physically worn out pretty quickly.

Ah well… I guess it’s time for me to head home and put away the groceries. Peach is knocked out and she is making me sleepy so I better get home before I pass out on my mom’s couch.

Not a particularly funny or clever post today, sorry.


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