Who’s a drama queen?

Princess Punk was musing on when The Peach would become a drama queen. I advised her that pretty much all little girls were drama queens from about age 2 to age 4 then again when they hit her age around 12. At which point she loudly protested, “Hey! I’m not a drama queen!” My mom and I both scoffed loudly in unison then broke into giggles at the utter absurdity of that statement.
Princess Punk- “But I don’t care about what I wear and stuff!”
Me- “That’s a girly girl, not a drama queen.”
PP- “Then what’s a drama queen?”
Me; “Stomping around, slamming doors, crying, ‘I hate you!’ That kind of thing.”
PP- “Oh. I guess I can’t argue with that.”

The first step is admitting you have a problem…


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