My daughter is the TARDIS

For all you non-Doctor Who people…TARDIS- Time And Relative Dimension In Space… i.e. bigger on the inside than the outside.


I’m continuously floored by the physics of The Peach’s digestive system. The amount of spit up she produces seems like waaaaay more than her intake, not to mention what comes out the other end. This afternoon this itty bitty person had a diaper blowout so fantastic that even The Zen Master was impressed and even more significant, slightly grossed out. The amount of poop was so immense and all encompassing that about 10 seconds into the diaper change I gave up all hope of clothing salvage and actually cut her onesie away from her body paramedic style to avoid getting poop in her hair. It was a 2 person, 20 paper towel, half package of diaper wipes poop. So I’ve come to the conclusion that The Peach, much like the TARDIS, is significantly bigger on the inside. There is no other way to explain the amount of spit up and poop that comes out of this 8lb baby. I swear to god, today’s fecal catastrophe was at least 5% of her body weight. And yet she still seems to be growing.
So I’m just going to go with it and stop being surprised at the amount of… Stuff… That exits my child from one end or another.
Until the next time it happens.


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