Trying to add some structure… Yeah. Right.

Because THIS is what we’re trying to avoid…

Princess Punk has been rather difficult this past year. We’ve had some major issues with honesty, manipulation and most importantly, diabetes compliance. Since I’ve been on maternity leave, I’ve been working with her therapist to set up a set of rules and responsibilities for The Princess as well as for the adults in her life. We have been trying to get her to participate in this process as well but she remains obstinately silent on the matter.

The Zen Master and I agreed that we need a comprehensive plan of behavior before we can truly enforce any rules. We can’t really expect her to obey the rules if she doesn’t know what they are, nor can we expect consistency between my house and my mom’s. Obviously, some of them are pretty obvious; be honest, respect others, do your chores etc. The thing we really need to lay down is what Princess Punk is responsible for concerning her diabetes and what we as supervising adults are responsible for.

It is not a small purse…

I think I have mentioned before, Princess Punk is, in many ways, very mature for her age. This works both for her and against her. I tend to forget sometimes that she IS only 12 and needs (calm) reminders about the things she needs to do to take care of herself. Diabetes is a big deal and requires a lot of responsibility and upkeep just to stay healthy. It’s a hell of a lot to ask of a 12 year old to fly solo on all that care, yet I find myself yelling at her for overlooking blood sugar checks, insulin boluses and keeping the neccesary supplies on hand in her “kit.” The kit is a little purse she takes with her everywhere that has batteries and infusion sets for her pump, insulin for highs and glucose tablets for lows not to mention her test kit, syringes, alcohol swabs and ketostix for testing her urine. Could you have remembered all that crap when YOU were 12? I know I couldn’t. So we need to establish what our responsibilities are as her caretakers to help her be responsible.

The real reason for thinning hair in adults.

Oh, something else about Princess Punk… She never asks for help. I mean NEVER. As a result, she will tend to skip over things or do them half-assed instead of taking the time to come to an adult and ask for guidance or assistance. This of course creates even more conflict and basically pisses me off to no end. Because she is so independent and mature (mostly), it’s easy to overlook the fact that she may actually need help with her homework or organizing her room, that she may need to be shown HOW to properly do laundry and where stuff is supposed to go in the kitchen. Instead, things usually disintegrate into screaming, crying and slamming doors… And she does that too…

So basically, I’m hoping that I can get my schmidt together as a parent and give my eldest some guidance in how to be an upstanding citizen who’s capable of taking care of herself.

I mean, that’s what parenting is, right?


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