Open letter to my neti pot

Dear neti pot,


Let me start by saying, your commercials are gross. Seriously, whatever advertising genius that came up with the idea of actually demonstrating your use with a live person should be fired immediately.I understand that you are an all natural augmentation or even an alternative to sinus medication but nobody wants to see some nameless, smiling blonde lady with salt water pouring out of her nose. There is clear instruction, complete with illustration included in your package which is wholly sufficient.

That being said…

You are awesome. In my blown air heated house, dry nasal passages are a given and frequent nosebleeds are not uncommon. Add to that constant nasal allergies and I tend to get a painful sinus infection this time of year. I have to admit, it took me a long time to try you out because of your rather unpleasant endorsement but when I finally did, it was a revelation. I am truly thankful for properly moisturized sinuses and times like now when I have a sinus infection, you provide some relief to the pain, pressure and constant nose-blowing. Of course, I am also taking your business partner Mucinex but since I had to show my driver license, my address and offer the blood of my first born at the pharmacy counter to get it, it was comforting that I was able to pick you up right off the shelf no muss, no fuss.
While you ease my sinus symptoms, you definitely provide an odd experience to my morning. I never really imagined that leaning over my sink with snot and salt water cascading from my nostril would become part of my morning routine. I should use you every day I know but I have to say, you do leave a somewhat uncomfortable feeling for a short period of time and I can’t say I’m a huge fan of saline trickling down the back of my throat.


I can fill up a kitchen sized garbage bag when I'm sick. In. A. Day.

Anyway. I thank you and so do the trees that are saved from me not using an entire pallet of tissues every time I get sick.






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