Caffeine, I missed you so…

Oh god, it’s like porn.

Thank god for coffee. And Red Bull (sugarfree of course). And Diet Coke. And Iced Tea.

I didn’t drug her, I swear!

The Peach actually slept last night.

Like almost the whole night. This was amazing and wonderful but since my sleep bank is still quite overdrawn and I’m in a low swing and I am having trouble falling asleep and once I do fall asleep I wake up frequently because my nose gets all stuffed up (Why have you forsaken me Neti Pot?) I am still TIRED.I got back into bed this morning after getting up with The Peach, looked at my phone and discovered my alarm was going to go off in 3 minutes. I stubbornly stayed in bed for those 3 minutes and then got up and started the morning routine. While I did exhibit all the disgusting “morning person” traits I discussed a few days ago, my brain was in somewhat of a fog. Then I had some coffee.

Oh sweet nectar of the gods.

By the time I left my mom’s house for work, I actually felt human. No wonder I felt like such crap when I was pregnant… I still had 1 small coffee or it’s equivalent a day, but since I currently have 1 large coffee, 1 12oz Red Bull and 1 20oz iced tea every day before 10am, the amount in comparison was practically nothing. The fact that I am in the middle of a down swing mood-wise just solidifies my desperate need for caffination (um… is that a word?) to get me going in the morning.

Caffeine makes my world a little brighter. It makes me a little more alert, a little more cheery, a little more coherent. I’m able to function at work even in the midst of infant induced sleep deprivation and bipolar screwing with me.

So, yay caffeine!


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