It’s Monday!

And I’m actually in a pretty good mood!

I’m tired of course but I think that’s just my baseline from now on. It was a nice weekend. Even though I didn’t get very much done at home at ALL, I had some nice family time and got a little bit of sleep. Princess Punk spent Friday night at a friend’s house and Saturday night at my mom’s so Zen Master and I had some (sort of) alone time. Peach was grumpy but not too bad and she did sleep a fair amount so he and I had some time to cuddle, watch TV and (most importantly) sleep. Oh, and she grew out of her clothes. Overnight. Seriously, I put her in jammies that snapped in the crotch on Saturday night, I got her up on Sunday morning, changed her diaper and was unable to resnap the crotch. Thank god for hand-me-downs!

We had dinner at my parents’ yesterday (being Easter Sunday and all) and my mother-in-law came along too. The Peach got passed around from grandparent to grandparent and back again with only minimal grumpiness. She is still a bit pissy for whatever reason but I have to say that even with her pouting and fussing, I’m still loving every minute. So keep that in mind as I relate this incident…

Because of her puking issue and the fact that she has become quite the chubby lil thing, she gets grossness in her neck folds which has to be cleaned regularly or she smells like barf and will get irritated from not being clean. So I have to periodically work into the chubby folds under her chin with a washcloth or baby wipe to clean out the sticky, smelly, nasty, spoiled regurgitated formula that gets trapped there.

She does NOT like this.

In the process of cleaning her up on Friday, Peach decided that she had enough of Mommy’s goddamn pestering and poking and wiping and fussing and had a good old-fashioned tantrum. I honestly didn’t know that babies that little had tantrums. It was amazing to see. She is pretty fair-skinned being a redhead and all (how in the hell THAT happened I can’t tell ya) and she screamed so long and with such gusto that she turned several different shades of red. I was truly impressed. After I finished wiping the crusty goo from under her chin(s) I handed the wailing siren child to my mom who promptly stuck a binky in her mouth and rocked her untill she calmed down a teeny bit. Peach then proceeded to lay in my mother’s arms, sucking her binky and occasionally racking her little body with quiet little shaking sobs while glaring at me. Yes, that’s right, my not even 3-month-old infant was shooting tiny little daggers from her eyes at me. She was pissed. Like seriously ohmigod-my-mom-is-a-hateful-evil-woman-who-just-tried-to-kill-me pissed.

I think I gave birth to another Drama Queen.



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