I f***ed up.

Like “wow, how did I miss that” f***ed up.

Princess Punk has been going to Camp Carefree, a camp managed by the American Diabetes Association for the past couple years since she was diagnosed. It’s 2 weeks at the end of July where she can hang out, swim, play, and do other awesome camp stuff. And all the other kids there are diabetic too. And most of the counselors. And she learns tons of great stuff about how to manage her diabetes and take care of herself and just generally stay healthy.

And every one of them is going through the same crap she is.

It is awesome.

It is a literally life-changing experience for her and it comes around once a year.

It also costs $1200 bucks (yes, that’s right, $1200). They have nutritionists and an Endocrinologist and a nurse assigned to every cabin so it’s honestly pretty cheap considering that Princess Punk gets 2 weeks of fun with comprehensive medical care.

Again I say, it is Awesome.

I totally forgot to sign her up this year. I went online today to do the application and guess what?

No spots left for girls.

Son of a bitch.

So now I send in the application along with a NON-REFUNDABLE $50 deposit and she goes on the waiting list. She’s not likely to get a space at this point.



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