Seriously… Kudos to any woman who has kids close together… like a year or two apart.

Psssht… They got nothing on the awesome power of a toddler.

Princess Punk and I had the pleasure of watching a 15 month old and a 3 month old this weekend. The 3-month old was of course The Peach, the 15-month old was my niece, my sister-in-law’s youngest. She’s a cutie pie and a screaming, running, climbing ball of energy that, if harnessed, could probably power the entire state of California in the summertime.

If I hadn’t had Princess Punk to help me… I think probably one of the children would have perished.

And I live for that .5%

The Peach is teething and spends about 70% of her time screaming, 29.5% sleeping and the other .5% smiling. She is a blessing and I love her so much but ohmigod, this kid is trying to put me in an early grave through the use of sleep deprivation and screams so loud they are producing sonic waves that are turning my brain into soup.

And my niece… well, she’s 15 months old. Really no more explanation needed, just to say there are cheerios in places in my house where no food should ever be.

So I gotta say… All you moms out there who have kids close together? I salute you. I sit back in awe as I marvel how you do that full time when after just one weekend I feel like I ran a triathalon and my house looks like a tornado hit it. Literally. Just inside though. I digress.

Yep, I probably am.

And here I sit on the couch, dinner in the oven and a large glass of wine in my hand. Princess Punk has gone to church youth group and I can hear The Zen Master trying to placate a screaming Peach over the monitor. He is a good man. He sits there and smiles at her and empathizes as she screams so loudly the windows rattle and my eardrums bleed.

Back to work tomorrow. I’m very much looking forward to my quiet office.


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