Ahhhh… She’s NOT possessed

She’s even cute when she cries

Apparently The Peach has an ear infection. Or two. The incessant screaming and 2-week low grade temperature prompted me to call the Dr’s office this morning (again) to get her in. I had called about 2 weeks ago when this whole thing started and was told that I shouldn’t worry unless her temperature goes above 100.4. The highest it has gotten is 100.0. What they didn’t tell me was that we should ALSO be concerned if it continues for an extended period. I guess they figured Duh, I should know that. Honestly, up until the past few days she’s been only moderately grumpy and we basically just wrote it off as early teething.

On Friday she started showing some real discomfort. She spent the better part of the weekend screaming. This was not a fussy, cranky cry. She was in pain. The Zen Master and I spent a good portion of our evening yesterday fretting while we rocked and patted her as she screamed until she was sweaty and red all over. She eventually just wore herself out and slept most of the night. So my (awesome) mom took her to the Dr’s office this morning and got scolded for not knowing when Peach’s last tylenol dose was and for not calling earlier because a temp of 99.5 for two weeks IS something to be worried about. Sorry mom, you get the fallout for my parenting FAIL.


So now The Peach has antibiotics (bubble gum flavor oooooh!) and will hopefully be feeling better soon. And now we know for future reference that yes, even a low-grade temperature is bad when it doesn’t go away.


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