Now what?

The Zen Master just informed me last night that we’re broke. Ok, so I knew money was tight after several costly vehicle repairs, the exorbitant cost of kerosene to heat our home and me being off payroll for two months but I knew we had a cushion in savings. I mean we planned for The Peach. We knew I was going to be out of work for awhile and that since I didn’t qualify for short term disability and The Zen Master makes about half what I do, things would get tight.

I was prepared for things to suck for awhile. I knew it would get better.I got a pay cut a few years ago and our yearly cost of living increase was frozen. This year, I’ll get that back. The insurance premiums will still be ridiculously high but The Peach and Princess Punk are also covered by Vermont’s Medicaid plan which covers the copays for Princess Punk’s diabetes supplies (over $200 a month for just the copays).  Plus I did get promoted before I left on maternity leave so that makes a difference as well. So I thought that even though things are tight right now, it will get better and we’ll get back to a baseline within about 6 months.

Apparently we’re farther in the hole than I anticipated. The Zen Master told me last night that we have completely exhausted our savings. We have just enough left in our various accounts to keep them open. We owe a big chunk to the oil company, credit card (which we use to pay the phone bill), electric and hospital co-pays. Oh and the oil light is on in his truck… despite the fact that he just added a couple quarts. There are various repairs to be made around the house, various small bills to pay and we’ve pretty much used up all the stocked up food we had in our freezer. I get paid on Thursday and my check is going to pay the mortgage and my insurance premium from when I wasn’t getting paid. I’ll have just enough left over to put gas in my car. The Zen Master just got his last check for awhile since he’s laid off for the season. He’ll collect unemployment for a few weeks but it won’t be much. He goes back to one job mid-May and the other at the end of June. This has been a sucky year for tourism here and even when he was working, he wasn’t getting as many hours as he usually does.

So here I sit… Trying to figure out how to bring in some extra money  just so we can buy some meat when I go to the grocery store this weekend. At least I can afford spaghetti sauce, mac and cheese and canned veggies. We’re not going to starve and we’ll be able to pay most of our bills on time or at least pay enough on them so they don’t sic the collection agencies on us. We don’t qualify for any additional help and we’re damned lucky we get WIC.

It’s just a clusterf*** of messed up situations that we hadn’t prepared for. We were ready for me being out of work, we planned for The Peach. We just weren’t ready for one unexpected expense after another like a bucket loader, digging us deeper and deeper into a hole. Things are going to suck for awhile. The Zen Master is upset and worried and I am basically at a loss because I just don’t know what to do to help the situation. And Princess Punk just doesn’t really get it. She doesn’t understand why we say no every time she asks for a new pair of jeans or to buy lunch at school. She just gets pissy and then I just want to throttle her.

I wish we just didn’t deal with money at all. Like some kind of utopian Star Trek society where people weren’t concerned with material things and wealth was measured by important things like love, family and friends.

Cuz then, I’d be rich.


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