More grossness

Exchanges I’ve had this afternoon that I NEVER want to have again….

After The Peach spits up on herself;

Mom- Oh just use her t-shirt, you’re going to change her anyway

Me- Oh crap it’s too much for her shirt… And it’s all viscous

Mom (to Princess Punk)- Give your mom that burp cloth on the floor

Me (after wiping up the puke)- Ew, it’s got dog hair all over it

Mom- So?

Me- I wiped her mouth out with it and now she has dog hair in her mouth

Mom- Better than vomit…

A little later…

Me- Go wipe the vomit off your sister

PP- Suuuuuuuure


And still later…

Mom- Was that the baby? Noooooo… Princess was that you? Jesus.

Me- Nope. That was the baby.

PP- Great. Now I have TWO stinky farters in my house.

Mom- Just two? What about your dad? (see how she knows that I’m the other offender?)

Me- oh he’s got some good ones

PP- I’ve never smelled a nasty one from him before

Mom- Oh yeah. I have.

And this gem…

Mom- Laying on my back on the floor is really uncomfortable… oh. wait. (pulls two slippers out from under her ass) That’s better. (proceeds to dangle The Peach over her head)

Me- You really don’t want to do that

Mom- Why? Do you think she’s gonna puuuuuu… oh!

Me- Did it get in your mouth?

Wow… 3 posts today…


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